Couples & Relationship Counselling

Whatever the problems in your relationship, whether you are feeling neglected, angry, sad, depressed, unhappy, unloved, unsupported, whatever seems broken, I can help you lay solid foundations and build a resilient relationship.

Relationship counselling is a process in which I help you look at how you interact with each other and find new and effective ways of relating.

Do you feel your relationship isn’t working well, no matter what you do? I offer relationship counselling to any two people who are in relationship with each other. So if you are a husband and wife, parent and child, brother and sister, business partners, or any pair of people experiencing relationship issues, then I can offer you help.

My approach to counselling people with relationship issues focuses on what's happening in your relationship, rather than the words and actions of each partner. I can help each of you take responsibility for your part in the relationship and to collaborate with the other to find a solution.

My aim is to help you to work together in partnership and support each other through the changes that you need to make in your relationship. To help you do this, I'll offer you an initial one hour assessment followed by a total of eight 1½ hour sessions over approximately a six month period.

I offer only face-to-face counselling sessions for couples because other forms of counselling (e.g. telephone, email and Skype) do not seem to work well in couples counselling. Couples counselling starts with a 1 hour initial assessment session. Sessions thereafter are 1½ hours long to give you both time to relax, talk about your problems and begin finding solutions together.