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How often are you truly listened to? My name is Mike Eustace. I am an experienced counsellor and I offer you the opportunity to find your own answers. I value, honesty, integrity, finding your own path, connection and relationship. Counselling can be exhilarating and challenging – I am not afraid to walk with you through dark places in search of light.

I provide counselling in Southampton to individuals and couples and I offer a supportive, empathic and calm approach to help you shed new light on your problems and turn your life around. Whether it’s a problem with anger, anxiety, relationship issues, depression, or anything else, I will listen and help you find solutions.

I run a quiet, peaceful counselling practice in central Southampton with free car parking and easy access from the M27 and M3. My practice is 20 minutes walk from Southampton Central station, and is on several major bus routes.

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The exact location of my counselling practice is not shown because I work from my own home.

Location: Southampton SO15, Hampshire.



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