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My name is Mike Eustace and I run the Living Therapy counselling service in Southampton. I am an accredited member of the British Association For Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and I hold a BA Hons (1st) in Humanistic Counselling, a diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a certificate in couples counselling and a certificate in supervision. I am a member of the Independent Supervisor’s Network (ISN), the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals (FDAP) and an associate member of the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).

I have twenty years’ experience of helping people recover from addiction and I have been in practice as a therapist for more than ten years. I have a special interest in helping people recover from trauma, anxiety and relationship problems. I have a particular interest in counselling men – addressing the barriers to counselling that men frequently experience.

We all experience difficult periods in our lives and I believe that reaching out for help is a healthy, positive step. Whatever your reasons for coming here, you are welcome. My practice is informed by a wealth of experience, training, theoretical and practical knowledge, and a range of approaches including CBT. My principal aim is to accept you entirely as you are and try to understand your problems from your perspective. My experience is that this helps clients feel better about themselves and more able to make the changes they want. I hope to support you through difficult times and help you make beneficial changes in your life. I am willing to walk though darkness with you in search of light.

You can contact me for an appointment by phone, text, email or messenger. Click here for my contact details.

One-to-One Counselling

How many problems seem to just go round and round in your head? I can help you clear away confusion, make sense of your feelings and find solutions.

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Relationship Counselling

What if you and your partner could relate and communicate effectively? Whether you want to stay together or not, I can help you find new ways of understanding your relationship needs.

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Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision to counsellors, based on the seven-eyed model of supervision. I an accredited member of the BACP and I hold a certificate in clinical supervision.

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The Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision

The Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision integrates the relational and systemic aspects of supervision in a single theoretical model. It focuses on the relationships between client, therapist and supervisor, and their context within the wider system.

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Addiction Counselling

Do you find yourself repeating the same old behaviour, no matter how hard you try and change? Addiction is often baffling and powerful, but I can help you break the cycle.

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Working With Mind & Body

Why do we try to think our way out of bad feeling? Because that's the way we're taught in school and that's how our society thinks it should be: I think therefore I am. But we're much more than the sum of our thoughts.

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Overcoming Trauma

What if your memories were no longer overwhelming? Trauma can keep people stuck in patterns of negative emotion for years. I can work with you to break free and put your trauma behind you.

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About Me

My name is Michael Eustace and I have been counselling for more than ten years. I have a background in science and business, and helping people overcome barriers to personal progress is very important to me.

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A full list of my fees is provided in my fees section.

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Contact Me

Southampton SO15, Hampshire

How To Find Me

The exact location of my counselling practice is not shown because I work from my own home, which is approximately in the centre of the map below.

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