Counselling Articles

Here you will find articles I've written on various subjects. Mostly, my articles are reflections on aspects of my work and my philosophy for good living. I try and capture ideas that come to me when I reflect on my work, read a book, find a poem or piece of artwork that captures my attention, or anything at all that sparks a chain of ideas in my mind. My head is so full of ideas that I loose the better ones in a sea of dross, but by committing my thoughts to (electronic) paper, I hope to be able to catch at least the essence of my more meaningful reflections. I hope that you find something here that captures your imagination, changes your day for the better and sparks new ideas for you, too. Click on any title below to read the full article.

Three Tips for Overcoming Problem Gambling

Research shows that addictive drugs and gambling cause similar changes in the brain. But there is a way to break the destructive cycle of highs and lows.

Why Less Is More

When we slow down, we get things done more quickly. Seems counter-intuitive? Read on to find out how it makes sense.

Who Counsels The Counsellor?

Counsellors are human too. We often experience struggles in life, just as our clients do. Our task is to become resilient in the face of adversity, so how do we do that?

World Mental Health Day – 10 Oct 2017 – You Can Make A Difference

As many as two thirds of the adult British public have suffered with mental health problems at some point in their lives, yet nine out of ten people suffering from mental health problems have experienced discrimination directly because of their mental health.

How Your Relationship Can Survive Parenthood

As many as 39% of relationships break up within the first five years of parenthood. Don’t let your relationship become just another statistic.

The Power Of Pausing

When you’re a busy parent and you can’t afford to take a break, how do you get through the day without becoming super-stressed?

How To Get Angry

Anger is a natural human emotion which has the potential to be very useful, if we know how to use it.

Guest Article: Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood

For Rare Disease Day (28-Feb-2017), I have invited a family friend to write about her experiences of AHC, a rare neurological condition affecting 1 in 1,000,000 children. I’m privileged to present her family’s story.

How Much Do You Enjoy Christmas?

With interruptions to your daily life, busy Christmas shopping and relentless, aggressive advertising, it’s easy to get stressed and forget what really matters at Christmas.

Stress And Shame – Part 3: Learning To Relax and Forgive Yourself

Self-awareness and the ability to objectively reflect on self are the keys to breaking the stress-shame cycle. Here, I show you an effective, practical method for gaining perspective on yourself.

Stress And Shame – Part 2: The Neuroscience of Stress and Shame

Stress can prevent you from being able to think clearly, which creates a vicious circle. Breaking the cycle is the key to overcoming life-limiting shame and stress.

Stress And Shame – Part 1: Defining The Problem

Stress can make you feel weak, incapable, even out of control and ashamed of yourself – which leads to further stress. So how can you break the cycle?

Control Your Emotions

What if British society could rid itself of the belief that logic is strong and masculine, or that emotions are weak and feminine?

Pick Up The Pushchair

A Father’s guide to the first year of your first child’s life.

Self-Awareness: Touchstone of Personal Growth

Self-awareness lies at the heart of personal growth: to know yourself is the key to change. But what is self-awareness?

Living with Seasonal Affective Disorder

As we enter the part of the year where days are shortest, as many as 21% of people will struggle with low mood, lethargy and other symptoms of depression.

Stoptober 2015

Stop smoking for a month; what have you got to lose? You’re five times more likely to quit.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September 2015 is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Whether you are worried about someone else’s mental state, or you are thinking of suicide for yourself, there is help just a phone call or email away.

Facing The Unknown

How to help yourself if you’re anxious about unavoidable changes in your life.

Get Out Of Your Mind

How often do you make plans to improve your life, but never act on them?

Doors to Self-Understanding – Part 2

Watch out for the traps you lay for yourself: they’re still there!

Doors to Self-Understanding – Part 1

Watch out for the traps you lay for yourself!

Fight Flight Freeze, Part 2

Practical ways to help you change your view of the world and become less stressed.

Fight Flight Freeze, Part 1

Stress is a natural response to perceived threat. You can’t just think your way out of it.

Just Do It

How often do you forget to give yourself a break just when you really need it?

The Work Trap

What can you do when prosperity and success actually make you feel worse?