Coronavirus & Your Wellbeing

I am here to support you though this difficult time.

Within a few short weeks our lives have been radically altered. If you need help to adjust to this new way of life and you need support over the coming weeks and months, I am currently offering counselling via video link.

How Does It Work?

I use a platform called Zoom for counselling sessions by video link. It’s easy to use and gives you your own, private virtual counselling room, which is password-protected and will always be there for as long you are my client.

I have used many video link apps over the years and Zoom seems the best by far. It is simple to use, has a very clean-looking interface and has good-quality picture and sound

Zoom makes meetings easy:

  1. We can set up a counselling session quickly and easily in your web browser - you don’t need to download anything at all.
  2. If you want to connect via your web browser, you can store your personal virtual counselling room in your favourites.
  3. If you already have the Zoom app, you can quickly and easily connect to your virtual counselling room and store it for future sessions.
  4. Once our sessions have come to an end, I will delete your virtual counselling room – I won’t retain any information at all about your counselling room.
  5. Zoom provides better security and privacy than many other video link apps. They take privacy very seriously and have issued the following document which gives detailed information about the way they handle data:

If you’ve used Zoom before and you’re familiar with how it works, I can simply set up a room for us and give you the log-in details.

If you’ve never used it before, or you aren’t sure how to use the technology, I will guide you through the process of entering the meeting. We’ll start our session over the phone and I will talk you through the set-up process. I’ll give you longer than usual so that setting up Zoom doesn’t eat into the session time. I’ll be happy to guide you by telephone each time we have a session, should you need it.

How Is Payment Taken?

I can take payment by PayPal or bank transfer. I will give you my bank details and a link to my PayPal account so you can choose how to pay.

What Next?

Click here to contact me about setting up a counselling session via Zoom. If you’re not sure about how to use Zoom, or feeling hesitant about using the software, I will be happy to talk you through it on the phone and put your mind at rest.