My Experience & Qualifications

Ongoing training is a fundamental requirement of counselling, and this is reflected in the BACP’s requirement that it’s members (of which I am one) must plan, record, review and reflect on their CPD in a structured way (click here for more information). As part of my commitment to my clients, to myself and in fulfilment of the BACP’s CPD requirements, I regularly attend training courses in the fields of counselling, supervision and psychology. Training gives me new theoretical knowledge and practical skills which I integrate into my personal way of working; it helps me bridge the gap between what I know and what I do. The importance of linking theory and practice is expressed touchingly by the late Eugene Gendlin, the father of the focussing-oriented approach to therapy, in the following passage:

So, when I sit down with someone, I take my troubles and feelings and I put them over here, on one side, close, because I might need them. I might want to go in there and see something. And I take all the things that I have learnt—client-centered therapy, reflection, focusing, Gestalt, psychoanalytic concepts and everything else (I wish I had even more)—and I put them over here, on my other side, close. Then I am just here, with my eyes, and there is this other being. If they happen to look into my eyes, they will see that I am just a shaky being. I have to tolerate that.

Gendlin, E.T. (1990). The small steps of the therapy process: How they come and how to help them come. In G. Lietaer, J. Rombauts & R. Van Balen (Eds.), Client-centered and experiential psychotherapy in the nineties, pp. 205-224. Leuven: Leuven University Press. From

What Gendlin means is that although counsellors are professionals, we sit with you as human beings and our task is to help you relate to us and us to you. Therapy is a collaboration and, although I have a wealth of training behind me (and more to come in the future), I do my best not to let that stand in the way of the therapeutic connection that my clients and I establish, and in which the healing potential resides.

Below is a list of the training courses I have attended, which I hope will give you an idea of the range of my theoretical knowledge and the slant of my practical experience.

16th Sep 2018

Certificate in Focusing Skills

27th Jul 2016

Certificate in Supervision (CSTD London).

3rd Jul 2013

BA Humanistic Counselling (Hons, 1st class. University of Chichester).

21st Jul 2012

Certificate in Couples Counselling (Basingstoke Counselling Service).

17th Oct 2010

Diploma in NLP (INLPTA).

9th Mar 2009

Certificate in Higher Education: Counselling (University of Southampton).

21st Aug 2007

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (CPCAB, Fareham College).

6th Jul 1998

MSci Physics (Hons, 2.ii. University of Birmingham).