Counselling for Sensory Processing Sensitivity

Does the hustle and bustle of everyday life sometimes seem too much? Do you find you need a lot of quiet time away from others? You may have Sensory Processing Sensitivity. Counselling can help you find ways of using your sensitivity to work for you and make your life easier.

Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) is a personality trait which is characterised by an increased sensitivity of the central nervous system to external and internal stimuli and a deeper and more complex cognitive processing of stimuli, as compared to the majority of the population. Those who have SPS often need to pause and assess new situations, whereas those without SPS tend to get involved immediately.

SPS is correlated with introversion because people with SPS need quiet time for deep thought and insight. Those with SPS tend to be creative, original thinkers, even visionary. Engineers, mathematicians, artists, musicians often fall into the SPS category.

SPS is a spectrum and everyone is somewhere on it. Dr Elaine Aron pioneered neurological research into SPS in the 1980s and you can get an idea of where you might be on the SPS spectrum by taking a simple test on her website here:

Counselling provides a quiet, safe environment where you can take the time to slow down, reflect on your life and make the space to unpack your thoughts, emotions, sensations and find clarity.