Counselling for ADHD

I do not view ADHD as a ‘Disorder’. To my mind, being a high-energy person can be an asset. But having trouble concentrating on one thing at a time and acting impulsively can make life difficult. Counselling can help you find ways of harnessing your energy and using it productively.

Children who can’t sit still, get bored easily and need a lot of stimulation to keep them interested sometimes to turn into high-energy adults with enormous drive and potential to achieve. The challenge such people face is finding a productive outlet for their energy – a focus that has meaning and value. In my view, when a child is given the ADHD label they may experience difficulties because of the label itself. Their natural high-energy trait is seen as a problem to be controlled, rather than an asset to be celebrated.

One in three people diagnosed with ADHD in childhood continue to experience carry their diagnosis into adulthood. An ADHD diagnosis is associated with higher levels of drug and alcohol abuse and is correlated with other mental health disorders. But I wonder how many of those problems are iatrogenic – which means “induced by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures”. I wonder how many adults with a diagnosis of ADHD experience problems as the result of the stigma of having been labelled? It is easy to see how damaging it can be to have a label that says something is “wrong” with you. But I don’t believe there is anything “wrong” with people diagnosed with ADHD.

I do not diagnose conditions such as ADHD, but if you feel you may be suffering from ADHD or if you have already been diagnosed with ADHD, I offer counselling to help you discover the real “you” behind the label.